Course plan

Syllabus Mathematics BA (A), Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, 7.5 Credits

General data

  • Code: MA072G
  • Subject/Main field: Matematik
  • Cycle: First cycle
  • Progression: (A)
  • Credits: 7.5
  • Progressive specialization: G1N - First cycle, has only upper-secondary level entry requirements
  • Answerable department: Department of Quality Technology and Management, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
  • Answerable faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Media
  • Established: 1/18/2007
  • Date of change: 7/11/2013
  • Version valid from: 8/15/2013


To aquaint the student with computational tools and related areas in mathematics and mathematical statistics.


Numerical differentiation and integration. Numerical solving of equations and elementary differential equations. The connection is made to corresponding algebraic and theoretical mathematical concepts. Frequency, probability distributions and linear regression with statistics software.

Entry requirements

(OB 3)

Selection rules and procedures

The selectionprocess is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Grading system

The grades A, B, C, D, E, Fx and F are given on the course. On this scale the grades A through E represent pass levels, whereas Fx and F represent fail levels.

Course reading

Required literature

  • Author: Vännman K
  • Title: Matematisk statistik.
  • Publisher: Studentlitteratur
  • Edition: 2002, upplaga 2
  • ISBN: 91-44-01690-5
  • Author: Bittinger, Brand, Quintanilla
  • Title: Calculus for the Life Sciences
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780321279354
  • Title: Matematik 4000
  • Publisher: Natur och Kultur
  • ISBN: 9127417042
Matematik 4000 och Calculus for the life sciences är alternativ till varandra där den förstnämnda är svenskspråkig och den andra på engelska.