Fibre Science and Communication Network (FSCN)

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FSCN – Fibre Science and Communication Network is a multi-disciplinary research centre at Mid Sweden University. FSCN develops research that improve profitability for the forest industries and create new applications and business opportunities based on sustainable bio-materials from the forest. 

Our research is developed in close collaboration with the forest industry and business companies in Sweden. Our aim is to increase industry profitability by improving energy efficiency and support the development of new products and business based on forest products. Resource management, environmental issues and new technologies are the focus of the research. The research contributes to the development of the industrial ecosystems. 

FSCN is part of the university's research environment Transformative Technologies, financed by the Knowledge Foundation. We are more than 70 researchers and we co-operate close with the research centre STC at Mid Sweden university. FSCN also brings together other colleagues in chemistry, electronics, materials science, media technology, graphical design, etc. FSCN started in 1999.


Research director

Kaarlo Niskanen

Centre Administrator

Anna Haeggström 

Communications Officer

Inger Axbrink 

FSCN Annual Report 2015

FSCN in media

Prof. Håkan Olin and the KEPS project