11 bidrag från DEMICOM på Europas största medie- och kommunikationskonferens

Tis 06 nov 2018 13:57

11 forskare från DEMICOM deltog med presentationer på Europas största forskarkonferens med kommunikation i fokus. European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) hölls 31 okt- 3 nov i Lugano i Schweiz.


Forskare från DEMICOM var väl representerade och presenterade följande paper:

  • Cepaite Nilsson, A., Stùr, E. & Jangdal, L.: Survival of the fittest: The do’s and don’ts of hyperlocals
  • Falasca, K. : Political news coverage: A longitudinal perspective of mediatization of politics
  • Harvard, J. : Applying a revised concept of historical media events: The case of an airship landing 1919
  • Hyvönen, M., Lindblom, T. & Harvard, J.: Drone reporting and the journalistic culture of objectivity: The symbolic properties of a view from above
  • Lindblom, T.: Exposing doxas - conflicting ideals in a changing Swedish newspaper media field
  • Nord, L. & Harvard, J. Shoulda, coulda, woulda: Post-election campaign analyses by Swedish political parties 1998-2014
  • Nounkeu Tatchou, C. & Nord, L. Mediated or mediatized? Examining the changes with regards to politics and media in the Sub-Saharan Africa: The case of Cameroon.
  • Stúr, E.: The truth tellers: Political commentators framing narratives in election campaigns over time
  • von Krogh, T. & Svensson, G.:  Contesting media distrust? Media responses and their potential in addressing aspects of media trust
  • Wadbring, I.: News avoiders – do they exist or not?
  • Ödmark, S. Making news funny: Differences in news framing between journalism and political comedy


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