Gästföreläsning om evenemangssäkerhet

Evenemangsforskaren Steve Brown från Flinders university, Adelaide, Australien, besöker Östersund och håller en öppen föreläsning på temat "Influencing and modifying audience behaviour at events – implications for event safety".

Steve Brown föreläser på engelska och beskriver sin forskning så här:

The aim of the research is identifying factors that influence audience behaviour and the development of strategies that will enable emergency services personnel (e.g. police, medical) and event managers to use those factors to influence and modify those behaviours in real time in order to significantly reduce risk at the events that they have responsibility for.

Audiences are the biggest – but least understood - component of an event and yet often have the greatest impact on the outcomes of the event.  The result of negative audience behaviour can include violent incidents and a range of associated medical/health risks. Emergency and security personnel are involved in planning in advance of the event taking place to minimise risk, but once the event is underway their sole responsibility is one of policing and controlling the negative behaviour. This, however, is primarily reactive and takes place after an incident has already occurred. Through real time monitoring and consequent positive intervention (Real Time Positive Intervention – RTPI) the risk of violent or disruptive activity can be minimised before a response is required. The reduced incidents resulting from this approach in turn provides the opportunity for a decrease in the scale of resources (physical, financial and human) that need to be deployed at an event. As a consequence, an RTPI approach reduces the burden on both public health and emergency services personnel and facilities while providing a better public health outcome for those attending and working at the event.