RCR welcomes professor Patrick Scott to Mid Sweden Östersund

Patrick Scott is a professor in the Political Science Department at Missouri State University.  His research and teaching interests include American government, organization theory, red tape, public management, and ethics and leadership in the public sector. 

Presentation schedule for August 13-14:

August 13

13-14.30; "Using Organizational Culture Concepts to Understand Red" Paper Presentation, Patrick Scott, P2107/D210.

August 14

9-10.00; "Experiments in Public Management? Policy Sciences? You Can’t be Serious!" A lecture and discussion by Patrick Scott, P3112.

10-11.00; "Discussion on experimental design and the lab". This follows the talk above and is an open session about experimental design and the lab in general, an opportunity for faculty members interested in experimental design and the RCR Lab to discuss ideas and possibilities.