Research questions

Spara favorit 29 nov november 2012

- Which frameworks and standards exist (e.g. the ISO standard, but also e.g. BPMN/ARIS-EPC, and possibly also UML?) and which could be used as model in this project? - Which commercial products and software constitute the front of R&D? - What is the current situation in Swedish and international organisations? Which critical questions must be solved? Are there differences between lines of businesses, size of organizations etc? - This field started growing around 1990? Why? Was the development of IT a requirement/driving force? How have processes been conceived in organisations during different eras? A modern view upon development of business/organisation/systems is that an overall analysis of the enterprise and information precedes the need for documentation and systems. Is this now the paradigm in the organisations? - How is the field related to archives and information sciences and how can that made visible? Which good examples exist and is there a trend to highlight? E.g. BPM is growing in importance in systems development. How can that be translated to the field of archives and information sciences?