An initial literature review of Australian and US thinking about the records continuum approach versus the life cycle approach; and whether or not there is a difference between ‘document management’ and ‘records management’ will be undertaken and compared to the Swedish concept of ‘management of publicdocuments’ and the consequences of these approaches for managing information, records and archives. Issues to be considered are:


• Whether or not there is a difference between records and document management, which will involve an analysis of definitions of the terms ‘records’ and ‘documents’ in different national settings;


• Whether the ‘management of public documents’ is equivalent to records management and how this idea is translated to private organisations.


• The appropriate place of records management in business information management;


• What is the relationship between an archive and a recordkeeping system?


• What role or effect does the concept of intermediate storage and storage

providers have on the concept of the archive?


• How effective are current descriptive approaches and how might the work of

leading contemporary thinkers in this area, such as Hurley and Hofman, be evaluated and if appropriate, effectively implemented? How well do these approaches sit with the descriptive and structural requirements of the Swedish National Archives?