Introduction and overview

The Centre for Digital Information Management (Centrum för Digital Informationsforvaltning) at Mid Sweden University has European Union Objective 2funding to build capacity in records management and archives management in the Swedish County of Västernorrland.

CEDIF will:

• Provide research expertise, professional education and to the surrounding community.

• Develop standards-based models for digital information management appropriate to both public and private organisations.

• Develop a laboratory for testing Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS), archival management systems and digital storage systems to benefit research needs, partner organizations and professional education.

• Develop and extend existing regional, national and international networks for recordkeeping professionals.

• Encourage the development of businesses based on information and records management expertise.

CEDIF Major Research Project 2009-2011

Implementing enterprise information management: A research-based approach in two Swedish municipalities

An implementation program for organisation-wide recordkeeping system in two Swedish local governments is being informed by a research-based approach in cooperation with the Archives and Information Science Group at Mid Sweden University. The overall aim of the research program is to develop models and implementation methods that will support standards-compliant, efficient digital information management, both for current needs and long-term preservation and access. The models and methods will be applicable in both public and private organisations.

The Sundsvall and Härnösand municipalities will provide the platform for the Research Centre’s major project for 2009-2011, which brings together experience in researching recordkeeping issues in various types of organizations as well as expertise in enterprise information architecture and content management. The last two provide an umbrella for document, records and archives management, web content management and business process management. The aim of this enterprise information management strategy is to promote support by decision-makers for a whole of organisation approach to sound records and information management that is seamlessly integrated into all systems and work processes.

An important outcome of the project will be a set of guidelines for records managers and archivists, identifying factors crucial to success when implementing records management systems. The research will explore changing roles as the boundaries between the functions of records management and the archive blur. In this process it is important that the professional profile of records managers and archivists is recognised as being crucial to the success of the organisation’s information management.

CEDIF Recordkeeping Systems Laboratory

The CEDIF Laboratory will work with commercial vendors of ERMS, archival management and long-term information storage systems. It will test systems for compliance with international standards and function as a resource for testing models and systems developed as part of the research project. It will also be used for teaching purposes.