Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Architecture

The following reports relate to two of the CEDIF research areas and that is; Enterprise Content Management and Long-term Preservation of digital information. One of the reports gives a summary of the Licentiate thesis entitled “The Interface Between Enterprise Content Management and Records Management in Changing Organizations.”  

The purpose of these studies was to elicit responses regarding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as a new information management construct and long-term preservation of information in two medium sized municipalities. The following articles have been published but are not available on the Internet due to copy right issues:

Kallberg, M., Svärd, P. & Sundberg, H. (2010). Improving Local Government - A Survey of Problems. Paper presented at the International Association for Development of the Information Society, IADIS International Conference, Porto, Portugal and published in the conference proceedings, pp. 76-84. (Kallberg & Svärd were both 1st authors). Abstract available at: http://swepub.kb.se/bib/swepub:oai:DiVA.org:miun-11393?tab2=abs&language=en

Svärd, P. (2010) e-Government Initiatives and Information Management in Two Local Government Authorities. Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Management Evaluation, Academic  Conferences, Ltd., Pages: 429-436. Abstract available at: http://www.mendeley.com/research/egovernment-initiatives-information-management-two-local-government-authorities/

Svärd, P. (2011). Information management strategies in two Swedish municipalities: Similarities with enterprise content management. In J. Douglas (Ed.), iRMA Information and Records Management Annual 2010, pp. 153- 182. Abstract available at: http://miun.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2:455918&searchId=null

Svärd, P. (2011). Transforming public administrations and challenges of information management. Paper presented at the Future Proof: Resilient Archives 2020 and Beyond. Australian Society of Archivists National Conference, Melbourne, 12-17 October, 2010. Accepted for publication, in the Archives & Manuscripts, Vol. 39, No. 2, November 2011, pp. 94-117

Abstract available at: http://miun.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?pid=diva2:455906

Samuelsson, G., & Svärd, P. (2011). E-Government Developments and the Challenges of Managing Geodata. Electronic Government and Electronic Participation. Joint Proceedings of Ongoing Research and Projects of IFIP EGOV and ePart 2011, pp. 175-180.  Paper presented at the International Federation for Information Processing, (IFIP), Electronic Government Conference, 29 - 2nd September, Delft, The Netherlands. (Both authors contributed equally and are 1st authors).