In the home week three topics should be studied and prepared by the students and graded by the home teachers. 1. The rise of Wikileaks (see Pre-Assignment 1) 2. Getting a first Glimpse of Digital Detective Work (see Pre-Assignment 2) 3. Legal Aspects of Disclosure of Sensitive Information (see Pre-Assignment 3) The students should hand in a report at the end of the home week. In total the report should be between 2250 and 4000 words. Students should use footnotes and name their sources. The following subjects should be addressed:

Pre-Assignment 1 The rise of Wikileaks
-    What happened – what’s the story? – what were the critical events?
-    Who did communicate with whom about these events?
-    What was accidentally or deliberately disclosed about these events?
-    What documents are proof of this disclosure of sensitive information?
-    What were the consequences for the people involved?

Make a list of the critical events
Make a timeline of the critical events          500-1000 words

Pre-Assignment 2  Getting a first glimpse of digital detective work
-    Find at least one whistleblowing example from your own country
-    Find traces  of this example /these examples
-    Find the person(s) who started the disclosure of this event

-          What have been the consequences for this person/ these persons?

-          What have been the consequences for the organization?

Document all findings           750-1500 words and prepare a presentation (10 minutes max)

Pre-Assignment 3 Getting a first glimpse of Legal aspects
-    What are the legal means  in your country to protect companies and/or employees from disclosure of sensitive internal information?
-    What are the legal possibilities in your country to bringing to justice those companies and/or employees who have disclosed sensitive internal information?

Answer both questions             1000-1500 words

Please, send in a copy of the report and the powerpoint presentation (main topic in assignment 2)  by mail before the start of the IP to the general IP-representative (mail to and upload it to the IP website at under university team!!!