Segment - process modelling and full-scale evaluation of new segment design

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Projektperiod: 2018-2021
Partners: Valmet AB, SCA , Stora Enso, Holmen
Projektledare: Birgitta Engberg
Forskare: Per Engstrand, Johan Persson, Gunilla Pettersson, Staffan Nyström, Jan-Erik Berg.


In manufacturing of High Yield Pulps from wood chips, the thermomechanical pulps (TMP) or chemithermomechanical pulps (CTMP) fibres are separated from the wood structure in intense treatments of friction, shear and compression in a narrow gap between rotating, patterned discs, segments, in a refiner.

The approach we will use in this project is to develop new methods (measurement, testing and simulation/modelling techniques) that can be used in the research area of mechanical pulping and other contexts.

We will develop measurement and testing techniques that can be applied to both wood and other materials. Modelling will be an essential tool to understand the mechanics and rheology of the refiner process owing to the difficulties of measuring in the challenging environment in the refiner. Modelling is also the future of product developmenl: and essential to manufacturing 2.0 and to any engineer actively involved in product development.


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