Ana-Paola Vilches


  • Tjänstetitel: Forskningsingenjör
  • Avdelning: Institutionen för naturvetenskap (NAT)
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  • Rumsnummer: S342


Artiklar i tidskrifter

Vilches, A. P. , Norström, S. , Olofsson, M. , Fransson, P. & Bylund, D. (2018). Biofuel ash addition increases ectomycorrhizal fungal exudation in pure culture. Environmental Chemistry, vol. 15: 8, ss. 481-492.  

Vilches, A. P. , Norström, S. H. & Bylund, D. (2017). Direct analysis of free amino acids by mixed-mode chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry. Journal of Separation Science, vol. 40: 7, ss. 1482-1492.  

Andres, B. , Forsberg, S. , Vilches, A. P. , Zhang, R. , Andersson, H. , Hummelgård, M. , Bäckström, J. & Olin, H. (2012). Supercapacitors with graphene coated paper electrodes. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal, vol. 27: 2, ss. 481-485.    

Doktorsavhandlingar, sammanläggningar

Vilches, A. P. (2019). Effects of Bio-Ash Amendments on the Metabolism of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi : A Method Development and Metabolomic Study. Diss. (Sammanläggning) Sundsvall : Mid Sweden University, 2019 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 290)  


Vilches, A. P. , Bylund, D. & Jonsson, A. (2010). ENHANCED NATURAL BIODEGRADATION OF DIESEL FUEL CONTAMINANTS IN SOIL BY ADDITION OF WHEY AND NUTRIENTS. I International Conference on Natural Sciences andTechnologies for Waste and Wastewater Treatment,Remediation, Emissions Related to Climate, Environmentaland Economic Effects : The Seventh International Conference on the Establishment of Cooperation between Companies and Institutions in the NordicCountries, the Baltic Sea Region, and the World.. S. 1001--1008.