Joakim Bång

Forskningsingenjör|Research Engineer

  • Tjänstetitel: Forskningsingenjör
  • Akademisk titel: Filosofie Doktor
  • Avdelning: Institutionen för kemiteknik (CHE)
  • Telefon arbete: +46 (0)10-1428067
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  • Besöksadress: O-huset, Holmgatan 10, Sundsvall
  • Rumsnummer: O231
  • Ort: Sundsvall
  • Anställd vid ämnet: Kemi


Äldre artiklar:

Bång, J., Frandsen, H. & Skog, K. (2004). Blue Chitin Columns for the Extraction of Heterocyclic Amines from Urine Samples. Chromatographia, vol. 60, ss. 651-655.

Bång, J., Nukaya, H. & Skog, K. (2002). Blue Chitin Columns for the Extraction of Heterocyclic Amines from Cooked Meat. Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 977, ss. 97-105.

Torto, N., Bång, J., Richardson, S., Nilsson, G. S., Gorton, L., Laurell, T. & Marko-Varga, G. (1998). Optimal membrane choice for microdialysis sampling of oligosaccharides. Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 806, ss. 265-278.



Artiklar i tidskrifter

Anderbrant, O. , Lyons, D. B. , Bång, J. , Hedenström, E. & Högberg, H. (2021). Article sex pheromone of the introduced pine sawfly, diprion similis, revisited to define a useful monitoring lure : Deviating chiral composition and behavioural responses compared to earlier reports. Insects, vol. 12: 10    

Viklund, L. , Bång, J. , Schroeder, M. & Hedenström, E. (2021). Identification of male produced compounds in the bark beetle Polygraphus subopacus and establishment of (Z)-2-(3,3-dimethylcyclohexylidene)-ethanol as an aggregation pheromone component. Chemoecology, vol. 31: 6, ss. 367-376.    

Viklund, L. , Rahmani, R. , Bång, J. , Schroeder, M. & Hedenström, E. (2019). Optimizing the attractiveness of pheromone baits used for trapping the four-eyed spruce bark beetle Polygraphus poligraphus. Journal of applied entomology, vol. 143: 7, ss. 721-730.  

Hedenström, E. , Wallin, E. , Andersson, J. , Bång, J. , Wang, H. , Löfstedt, C. , Brattström, O. & Baquet, P. (2015). Stereoisomeric Analysis of 6,10,14-Trimethylpentadecan-2-ol and the Corresponding Ketone in Wing Extracts from African Bicyclus Butterfly Species. Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 41: 1, ss. 44-51.    

Pokorny, T. , Hannibal, M. , Quezada-Euan, J. J. G. , Hedenström, E. , Sjöberg, N. , Bång, J. & Eltz, T. (2013). Acquisition of species-specific perfume blends : Influence of habitat-dependent compound availability on odour choices of male orchid bees (Euglossa spp.). Oecologia, vol. 172: 2, ss. 417-425.  

Svensson, G. P. , Liedtke, C. , Hedenström, E. , Breistein, P. , Bång, J. & Larsson, M. C. (2012). Chemical ecology and insect conservation : optimising pheromone-based monitoring of the threatened saproxylic click beetle Elater ferrugineus. Journal of Insect Conservation, vol. 16: 4, ss. 549-555.  

Bång, J. , Hedenström, E. & Anderbrant, O. (2012). Stereoisomeric separation of derivatized 2-alkanols using gas chromatography – mass spectrometry: Sex pheromone precursors found in pine sawfly species. Analytical Letters, vol. 45: 9, ss. 1016-1027.  

Bång, J. , Hedenström, E. & Sjödin, K. (2011). Purification, Stereoisomeric Analysis and Quantification of Sex Pheromone Precursors in Female Whole Body Extracts from Pine Sawfly Species. Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 37: 1, ss. 125-133.  

Eltz, T. , Hedenström, E. , Bång, J. , Wallin, E. A. & Andersson, J. (2010). (6R,10R)-6,10,14-Trimethylpentadecan-2-one, a Dominant and Behaviorally Active Component in Male Orchid Bee Fragrances. Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 36: 12, ss. 1322-1326.  

Anderbrant, O. , Löfqvist, J. , Hedenström, E. , Bång, J. , Tai, A. & Högberg, H. (2010). Field Response of Male Pine Sawflies, Neodiprion sertifer (Diprionidae), to Sex Pheromone Analogs in Japan and Sweden. Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 36: 9, ss. 969-977.  

Nieberding, C. M. , de Vos, H. , Schneider, M. V. , Lassance, J. , Estramil, N. , Andersson, J. , Bång, J. , Hedenström, E. & et al. (2008). The Male Sex pheromone of the Butterfly Bicyclus anynana : Towards an Evolutionary Analysis. PLOS ONE, vol. 3: 7, ss. e2751    

Doktorsavhandlingar, sammanläggningar

Bång, J. (2011). Purification, Stereoisomeric Analysis and Quantification of Biologically Active Compounds in Extracts from Pine Sawflies, African Butterflies and Orchid Bees. Diss. (Sammanläggning) Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet, 2011 (Mid Sweden University doctoral thesis : 116)  

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