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Risk in Travel and Tourism

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The ATLAS annual conference 2015 is held in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference theme is "Risk in Travel and Tourism: geographies, behaviours and strategies". 

Risks in travel and tourism are inherent and to some extent boosted as individuals move away from the place of residence (comfort zone) to unknown and different places/destinations. Also, as an economic activity, tourism is – as any other “industry”/business – submitted to risks, derived from macro and micro economics and market fluctuations. Even from a territorial point of view, tourism places and spaces (either local, regional or national) have to deal and manage different kinds of risks.

The aim of this Conference is, not only to consider the aforementioned dimensions of risk in travel and tourism – individuals, businesses, destinations institutions – discussing geographies, behaviours and strategies, but also to integrate and put into perspective different risk typologies.

ATLAS – Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research –  established in 1991 and currently has 217 member institutions from 68 countries.

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