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Tourism as a Peace Promoter among People and Countries: Vision or Reality?

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The 8th Kinneret International Tourism Conference is held 12 January 2016 in Israel. 

About The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at the Kinneret College has been offering a unique Bachelor degree program in Tourism and Hotel Management for more than a decade. This program combines academic excellence and studies that help train future generations of managers in tourism. Many of the Department graduates go on to pursue middle- and senior- management careers in tourism and the hotel industry. Our location on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in the heart of an important area for both pilgrimage and domestic tourism, allows us to combine our program with local tours, a practical specialization program in tourism attractions and hotels, and employment opportunities in tourism even during studies. Our student community reflects the multicultural structure of the Israeli society, and we are proud about the good relationships between the different cultural groups and religious communities of our students (e.g. Jewish, Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Bedouin, Circassia and Druze).  All these take place in the supportive atmosphere of a young, dynamic academic college which, in recent years, has enjoyed a constant growth in the number of students, and in its improved facilities, including state-of-the-art new buildings.

About Kinneret Tourism Conferences

The Department has initiated and organized the Kinneret Tourism Conferences, with the participation of tourism researchers from Israel and from around the world, lecturers and students of tourism, members of the tourism industry, and the public at large. Each convention raises a tourism issue of importance for the industry and for the research community, in an attempt to point to the ramifications of the trends and processes around the world for tourism in Israel. 

The Main Aims of the 8th International Tourism Conference: Tourism as a Peace Promoter among People and Countries: Vision or Reality?

The main aims of this conference is to build a better knowledge on tourism’s contribution to peace and elaborate recommendations to maximize the use of tourism in peace building, particularly in conflict prevention and reconciliation efforts. This conference seeks to initiate dialog on this important topic, which includes engagement with leading NGOs as well as invitations to selected scholars and speakers  from Israel, Jordan, Sweden and the UK.

The Tourism and Peace Agenda

Studies have dealt with an ongoing debate about the potential of tourism to promote peace, reduce tensions and encourage understanding and conciliation between nations, especially those with a history of wars and hostility. The more liberal approach supports this potential while the realistic approach is more sceptical and critical. Peace tourism expresses the importance of having “positive peace” rather than merely eliminating direct violence and exploring the ideas that there is more to peace than the absence of war and that there is more to tourism than economic interests. Tourism has the potential to contribute to world peace, and through appropriate management, to address current realities such as globalization, migration, conflicts, prejudices and poverty. By providing a range of international perspectives and case studies, this conference discusses the interrelation between peace, conflict resolution and tourism; the role of industry and the role of the individual, and tourism as a catalyst for change and development; Promoting  cooperation between the tourism cities and places where peace treaties and conventions were singe, and  Promoting and publicize the defense of a culture of peace, as the best means of ensuring a peaceful and harmonious environment among people. 

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