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Risk, Uncertainty and Social Inequality – Practices and Rationales

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The Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty (part of International Sociology Association, ISA) presents its third international conference. The conference is held 23–26 February 2016 in Mexico City.

The conference's main theme is risk and uncertainty articulated in the various practices and logic of (re)production of inequality that are at the heart of many conflicts in Latin America (though not only there).

The conference is open to other relevant topics including: meanings of risk; health risks; risk governance; risk and crime; professional risk approaches; biographical risks; risk and emotions; confidence; acceptance (voluntary) risk; managing risk and uncertainty; inequality and risk; resilience, risk and everyday life; risk and violence; social theories of risk and uncertainty.


  • Anna Olofsson, Mid Sweden University .
  • Jens Zinn, University of Melbourne .
  • Gabriel Kessler, University of La Plata .
  • Jesse Ribot, University of Illinois .
  • Antonio Azuela,  National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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