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ISA World Congress of Sociology

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Den internationella sociologiorganisationen ISA håller sin årliga forskningskonferens i Toronto, Canada.

Temat denna gång är Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses, Responsibilities.

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Temagruppen TG04 Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty arrangerar sessioner inom dessa områden:

  • Climate Uncertainties. Linking Environmental and Risk Sociologies 
  • Crime, Technologies and Risk 
  • Critical Approaches to Security  
  • Emotions, Trust, Hope and Other Approaches to Coping with Vulnerability amidst Uncertainty  
  • Food and the Risk Society  
  • Health, Medicine and Risk 
  • Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Risk 
  • Making Risks, Taking Risks: Risks in Economic Life
  • New Forms of Enterprises, of Collaborations and Work in the Digital Economy - Session III
  • Prevention, Regulation and Young People: Tools and Technologies of Risk
  • Researching Risk in a Changing World. Methodologies and Methods 
  • Riesgo e Incertidumbre En América Latina: Problemas y Enfoques / Risk and Uncertainty in Latin America: Problems and Frames 
  • Risk Work: Experiences and Challenges within Organizational, Professional and Policy Contexts
  • Risk, Uncertainty and Potentialities in Learning Contexts 
  • Terrorism, Risk and Resilience 
  • The Life Course and Risk 
  • Theoretical Directions in Risk
  • Voluntary Risk Taking and Edgework
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