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Gästföreläsning: The modern risk paradox

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Jens Zinn, docent i sociologi vid University of Melbourne, Australien, besöker RCR och håller en öppen gästföreläsning.

Föreläsningen hålls på engelska.

The sociology of risk and uncertainty builds on a number of mainstream approaches which conceptualize the shift towards risk in present day societies as a problem of knowledge (risk society), competing values (cultural theory), style of governing (governmentality), and result of functional differentiation (systems theory). This presentation suggests a shift of perspective towards the amalgamation of two central tenets of the modern worldview: risk avoidance and risk taking. These would constitute the unsolvable tension of the risk paradox which drives the modernization process. The presentation suggests that a balanced view of both aspects could help to improve understanding of social decision making and risk governance.

How people in modern societies experience and respond to pressing social, economic, natural and technological challenges is a central research interest of Jens Zinn, Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Melbourne. He is an expert in interdisciplinary risk research and has founded research networks within the International Sociological Association (2006) and European Sociological Association (2005).  In 2015 the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation awarded him the prestigious Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award for his scholarly achievements. Further information and a list of publications can be found at: http://ssps.unimelb.edu.au/about/staff/assoc-professor-jens-zinn

The presentation will be held in F217, Östersund, and can be viewed in N102, Sundsvall. (Please note the changed location in Sundsvall!)

Monday 16 November, 12.15–13.00





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