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AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals in Sundsvall produce thermally expandable thermoplastic microspheres, Expancel®. In this field, we are a world leading supplier with a growing business.

At the RD&I department in Sundsvall we work continuously to optimize and develop the production process for new and current product grades. Innovation and sustainability are core values for AkzoNobel being a world leader in all its segments.

Expancel microspheres are small spherical plastic particles. The microspheres consist of a polymer shell encapsulating a gas. When heated, the internal pressure from the gas increases and the polymer shell softens, resulting in a dramatic increase of the volume of the microspheres. The gas remains inside the particles. The thermoplastic expandable microspheres can be expanded to very low densities and can function as lightweight filler in a variety of applications such as elastomeric cool roof coatings, paint cultured marble, underbody coating and sealants, polyester putties and more. The microspheres can also act as a blowing agent in for example shoe soles, wine stoppers, printing inks and wallpaper. The benefits of using Expancel microspheres are for example cost reduction, low density and flexibility. It can also be used to achieve surface modification. The microspheres are available in several forms, unexpanded and expanded, as slurry, in wet cake or dried.

Filtration is part of the production process and for some products the filtration step is rate limiting and needs to be improved in order to increase the production capacity and to obtain a robust product with consistent properties.

More information about the product is available at www.expancel.com


The objective of this internship is to evaluate different filtration criteria for one type of Expancel microspheres and to determine the optimal setup (cake thickness, residence time, washing, etc.). The outcome could lead to a model for optimal filtration processing for the specific microsphere product.

The work will be performed in the laboratory facilities at Expancel RD&I in Stockvik, Sundsvall.

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Carina Eriksson
Manager Process R&D, Expancel RD&I               
Telefon: 060-134236
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