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Permobil is a globally leading provider of power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and seating and positioning solutions, with a strong dedication to improve the quality of life for its users.

The company’s strong portfolio of brands, competitive product offering, innovation capabilities and leading market positions provide a strong base to capture additional growth, both in existing and new markets. Our products are available today in 70 countries on four continents. Our turnover is more than 3 billion, and we have approximately 1800 employees. Since 2013, Permobil is a part of Investor AB.

The product development of our powered wheelchairs is done in Timrå, Sweden and at the software and electronics department we develop control systems, alternative ways of controlling the wheelchair, mobile applications and web portals for our users.


Most of the android platforms comes with a preloaded operating system (android) and a set of different applications focusing on everyday use in different situations such as leisure, school and work. We want to create a platform that is connected to our wheelchairs and contains a minimum, stripped down version of the operating system and applications.

We want to see an android platform prototype that contains:

1)     A minimalistic, stripped down, android operating system with a high focus on cybersecurity and prevention of rooting.

2)     A graphical user interface that is automatically launched at startup. Always in the front and will work as the powered wheelchairs user interface to make it possible for a user to view information and configurations.

It is not part of the task to make the platform communicate or control the wheelchair over the CAN-interface or similar. The focus is a demonstrator for a standard off-the-shelf android platform.


A prototype android platform that contains the stripped-down operating system and an example of a graphical user interface.

A report that contains a system architecture description, how the solution and prototype was made and recommendation on continued work.

Number of participants

2 students.


Year 3 or 4 students in a master- or candidate program in computer science and engineering or similar.

Some form of experience working with linux distributions, android specifically.


Tomas Stenlund
070-238 15 58


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