Pilot 1, small test

Spara favorit 22 mar mars 2017
Pilot 1 Illustration

The first pilot is to check out our course design. We actually used the same tool, CCD, to design this course, as we are teaching the students to use to work with their business plans. A tool for better collaboration in distributed environments.

We invited and handpick students from different partners and with different background, students, former students, people from industry and teachers. We tried to make a good mix to allow the groups to consist of members with different background.

The course runs in an OpenClass environment, where we have used all possible tools for the students to connect with each other. The course is connected to Google Drive where they share all documents that their group creates and have tools for collaboration.

We have a very clear route through the material, for those insecure but are very clear that the groups can choose their own route as well. We are just interested in the result, a business plan and the pitch.

We think that it’s important to be very clear on how the course can be handled by the students, so they got a map explaining one possible way of reading the course.