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CER organisation

As shown in the organizational chart, CER is a research center at the Mid Sweden University. CER is led by a board and a director responsible for the operational activities. The director is part of the board which is made up of nine people.

The organization of CER

An important role of CER is to conduct studies with a focus on both the industry and their customers, mainly small and medium enterprises. The branch network linked to the CER has a management team and two teams that initiate collaborative projects in terms of skills provision and competence development.


Peter Öhman, Associate professor, Mid Sweden University

The Board

Jörgen Lundgren, Castellum


  • Edith Andresen, Researcher, Mid Sweden University

  • Carina Bergquist Palm, Nordea

  • Mikael Bergström, Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland

  • Heléne Lundberg, Researcher, Mid Sweden University

  • Kicki Strandh, Mid Sweden University

  • Bosse Ågren, Skandia

  • Peter Öhman, Research centre leader CER, Mid Sweden University

  • Susanna Öhman, dean, Mid Sweden University




Centre leader
Peter Öhman

Centre administration
Märit Christensson