Research projects

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Vägar till mångfunktionella fjällandskap

Negotiating multifunctional landscapes: a pilot model in the mountains of Jämtland

The project will analyze and evaluate methods for the management of sustainable mountain landscapes, taking multiple values, interests and needs into consideration. It is about turning ideas into reality in collaboration with local and national mountain stakeholders, for example, how to organize, manage and fund future trail system.

Projekt SAINT

Slow Adventure in Northern Territories

Slow Adventures in Northern Territories (SAINT) seeks to extend the marketing reach of businesses in the "slow adventure" tourism sector, in order to encourage more tourists to come to these areas to enjoy and experience the outdoors and engage with remote, wild and nature-rich places.

APP ren


The project develops and tests new methods to carry out improvement work in theme parks that are based on the experiences of the visitors. The research in cooperation with Parks & Resorts is carried out in the parks Gröna Lund and Kolmården, where the experiences of the visitors are mapped in detail by means of GPS and smartphones. 

PhD Projects

Here you can read about the different PhD projects at ETOUR.

Sustainable Development in Regions under Stress

Research in this phase has focused understand the development processes associated with the highly acclaimed Fauzi Azar Inn. The Inn is a unique business partnership bridging many of the cultural divides that characterize the Arab-Israeli conflict. Preliminary findings from this work have been presented at international conferences and reported in several English and Hebrew media outlets, and a number of scientific publications are planned for 2014.

The Event Compass

The Event Compass™ is an international collaborative effort and featuring some of the most prominent names in the field of event research. The tool employs a number of methods to evaluate, certify and guide events towards sustainability and success. In doing so, the Event Compass™ aims to also meet the needs of various other stakeholders that demand accountability, quality assurances and a number of wider societal benefits from their events.”

Beyond Conflicts

The project will identify and analyse the perspective the key Swedish actors representing different interests in the use of resources. The study gives special attention to key actor perceptions of the challenges and opportunities for reducing, resolving, or preventing conflicts over planning, management and the use of the highland area in the region of Jämtland.

The New Mountain Experience

This project aims to analyze trends in highland tourism, focusing on activities, experiences, rationale and benefit, as well as to observe changes over time. The project will also highlight contemporary leisure phenomenon that may be important for future development.