Event Compass™

Save favourite 10 Jul July 2014

Event Compass™ is the shared name for a family of solutions that have been developed through years of international research on planned events. These solutions are designed to strengthen the events sector through systematic evaluation and guidance.

Historically the events sector has been characterized by an over-reliance on experience-based management. This tendency stems partly from the sector´s intermittent character. Events are temporary and varying by nature and the outcome of an event is largely influenced by external factors. This irregularity and unevenness means that it is hard to build event organisations on standards and established routines.

The second reason is that the sector not until recently has started to gain recognition for its potential as a positive societal driving force. The discussion on events as a tool for societal development has been modest at best, the exception being mega events,. Focus has been on the different types of events that exist, not so much on the event format itself.

Event Compass™ is actively working towards the increased proffesionalization of the events sector. With a better grasp of excellence in event management, we hope to get more out of events- for the organizers, the visitors and for the rest of the world.





citatbild patrik jemteborn

"The Event Compass provided us with important new insights on the development of our operations. The whole process was time-effective, constructive and engaging. I would definitely recommend Event Compass to other organizers."

Patrik Jemteborn
Chairman of the Organizational Committée
Biathlon World Cup 2013
Östersund, Sweden