Ongoing Projects

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ASCENT (Advancing Skill Creation to Enhance Transformation)

ASCENT aims to ensure that the targeted higher education institutions in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand have the research and innovative capacities to tackle the challenges associated with developing societal resilience to disasters. 

HOMERISK – Risk Management strategies when households face collapsing electricity and digital infrastructure

The theme of this project is the role of citizen-consumers in modern risk perception and risk assessment. As the household is the crucial setting in everyday life we will focus on household vulnerability in situations where infrastructures break down, with prolonged fall-outs of public services as a result. 

Risk and Security Governance Studies within Baltic-Nordic Academic Communities of Practices (Risk-Net)

The aim of the Risk-Net project is to enhance risk and security governance capacities in the Baltic-Nordic region via the development of the Academic Community of Practices (network) in Risk and Security Governance and the interdisciplinary educational methodology based on digital integration in learning, teaching and training. 

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