CRIINFO - Critical Information

We define design as the work with specifying requirements for functionality, layout, security, etc. for different types of systems. Systems should in turn be understood as everything from information systems in an organization to larger systems on a societal level where different kind of actors are linked together.


Critical Information

Critical information is highly dependent on the context, the time and the place. Critical information is governed by the needs of the potential user and should have enough quality for the purpose it should be used for.   

Critical information is tightly coupled to the consequences the lack of information might have for individuals, groups, organizations and society in need of it. Thus critical information must be made accessible to the different target groups who need it. Different adequate measures have to be used in order to minimize or avoid possible damages. In systems where critical information is contained and maintained, there should be possibilities to aggregate information depending on different needs. Finally, we mean that it is important to work together with different stakeholders in design these systems.

Our vision

”We shall be acknowledged and leading within design of systems for accessibility of critical information. This will be carried out through applied research in close cooperation with stakeholder in order to create benefit”.