The TIC Project

The TIC project is an EU Objective 2 project aiming to establish a knowledge node in the Information Technology area. The TIC I project will run between 2007-09-01 and 2011-01-31

The overall purpose of the TIC II is to reinforce and develop information technology companies operating in the region, which means advancing the positions in more effective methods, skills, networking and reinforcing TI. The project will run between 2011-02-01 and 2013-12-31.

The project's aims and goals

Project objectives

The goal of TIC II is to reinforce the competitiveness of the regional TI-business. This is achieved by:

  • establishing and developing a shared production environment to avoid duplication and redundant stored information
  • improving and streamlining the supply of skills by developing methods
  • •mproving business intelligence within TI to see the potential and to benefit from current and future technology
  • developing and reinforcing networks
  • enhance TI by marketing.

The aim and purpose of the first TIC project was:
 To reinforce and expanded TI activities in the region. Striving towards this goal, the TIC project will work on four main fronts.

  • To develop new and streamlined procedures for bidirectional knowledge and profit transfer between research and industry.
  • A second area of focus is methods of continuous professional development.
  • TIC will also work with the identification, testing and evaluation of new technologies for the TI business.
  • TIC will ultimately work to establish strong networks between the players in the TIC area.