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Starting in 2005, students will have the opportunity to pursue studies in sports science and related disciplines through Mid-Sweden University's new Sports Science Program.  With the programme shared between the Östersund and Sundsvall campuses, and with the cooperative efforts of the Natural and Environmental Sciences (NTM), Social Sciences (SHV), Engineering, Physics and Mathematics (TFM), and Nursing and Health Sciences (VHV), students will have a generous selection of courses ranging from sports psychology to exercise physiology and 'sports tech'.   EPG head Dr. Erika Schagatay is one of the main organizers of the program, which also includes world-renowned physiologist Dr. Bengt Saltin, newly appointed part-time to Mid-Sweden University at the Östersund campus.  With such facilities as the National Winter Sports Center and the EPG lab as co-operative research groups, the opportunities will be great for students interested in learning more about the real science behind the athlete.  

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