SURF - Surface characterization of industrial large area products

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Project period: 2015-2017
Iggesund Paperboard, BillerudKorsnäs Frövi, BIM Kemi, MoRe Research
Project leader: Jan Thim
Researchers: Mattias Andersson, Anatoliy Manuilskiy, Niklas Johansson.

Abstract summary: The paper- and paperboard industries are undergoing a transition in terms of product specializations. Newspaper is not as much in demand any more, the competition in paperboard products is hardening, forcing the paper- and paperboard industries to start producing new products, where there is even higher demand on surface characteristics, since most products will undergo high quality print. This project will attempt to bridge the gap of modern industrial measurement needs for surface characterizations. We will extract new methods for characterizing surface parameters and to – wherever possible – adapt them for usage online/inline. Together with leading industrial partners we will extract, adapt, optimize and test these methods.

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