GRIT - Distributed green services on the Internet of Things

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Project period: april 2016 – mars 2018
Dohi Sweden, Prevas
Project manager:
Dr. Stefan Forsström                     
Reference group: Prof. Bengt Oelmann och Docent Leif Olsson (Miun) Antonio Corradi från University of Bologna.

Description: The goal of this project is to enable new types of future IoT applications, with a particular focus on applications that include many participants and thus require large scale information dissemination. It is paramount to solve this if the IoT shall expand beyond the simple applications we see today. This project will however only focus on enabling IoT applications in typical green scenarios, such as large scale environmental monitoring and acting upon large amounts of sensed information to become more environmentally friendly. This in order to fit the length, scope, and resources of a ProSpekt type project.