OCXIS - Master of Science in Operation and change of complex industrial systems

Project period: mars 2016 – februari 2018
Partners: Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB, Länsförsäkringar Västernorrland AB, Nordea, Dewire, ÅF Industry AB, SCA Graphic Sundsvall AB, SCA Östrand
Project manager: Researcher Olof Björkqvist
Researchers: Olof Björkqvist, Per Engstrand, Peter Öhman, Ola Lindberg 

Description: An education on advanced level can support the transformation of the industrial ecosystems, the TIE Vision, and the adjustment of businesses and industries based on technical systems and business processes. The program is profiled towards process and energy industry, ICT industry and banking, insurance and property companies.

The program is multidisciplinary and consists of three distinct themes: Subject specialization, organization and management and analysis of complex systems. The courses are available for working students and they are also available to be followed by the Mid Sweden University´s program students. The program is developed by four of Mid Sweden University´s research centres; FSCN, STC, CER and DEMICOM.