ID-POS - Large Areas for RFID Identification, Positioning and Interaction

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Project period: 2014-2017
Partners: IDAG Design Studio AB, Ovako Tube & Ring AB, Sandvik Materials Technology AB, Skultuna Flexible AB, Sweprod Graphics AB.
Project leader: Johan Sidén
Researchers: Henrik Andersson

Summary: In 2020 there will be up to 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. A growing part of these devices are RFID- and NFC technology. Today a RFID systems have the ability to determine the presence   and ID-number of a tag. In this project researcher want to investigate how a RFID system can accurately determine unique position of tags distributed over a specific area or volume. This with RFID reader antennas that is relatively thin but of significantly large area is used to identify and position RFID tags placed upon the reader area.

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