ASIS - Autonomous Sensors for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

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Project period: 2015-2019
ABB Corporate Research, Bosch Rexroth, Shortlink AB.
Project leader:
Bengt Oelmann
Researchers: Sebastian Bader, Mikael Gidlund, Muhammad Imran, Mattias O’Nils.

Summary: ASIS is addressing the challenges of making the wireless sensor network technology competitive in relation to wired networks with respect to reliability, predictability, communication performance, and maintainability. Three research issues in wireless network communication, in sensor processing, and energy harvesting will be addressed in a coordinated manner to advance the field of wireless sensor network technology. The overall research question is formulated as: Can autonomous wireless sensor networks, fulfilling the requirements of industrial applications, be designed? And if not, which are they key issues to address in research in order to succeed?

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