LEAP - Large-area Energy Application Platform

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Project period: October 2016-September 2019
Project manager: Håkan Olin, professor
Partner companies: Alfa Laval, Cobolt, Leading Light, Nyfors Teknologi, Staga Sweden, STT Emtec, Termo-Gen, Woxna Graphite

The vision of this synergy project is a large-area electronic platform suitable for low-cost production of energy components. The LEAP synergy project provide a contribution towards this vision by addressing the following core question: What materials-processing combination will allow low-cost, large-area production of thermoelectric generators?  

Three projects contribute to answer this core question:


the Glass-on-paper will develop a basic substrate for printed electronics.
Christina Dahlström, project-leader Magnus Engholm

2) Printed Conductor

The Conductor project will develop printing methods of metal and graphene-based conductors.
Håkan Olin, project-leader Thomas Öhlund Renyun Zhang Sven Forsberg

3) Thermoelectric

The Thermoelectric project will use the substrate and conductor results and add semiconducting thin films.
Göran Thungström, project-leader Henrik Andersson

The synergy between these three projects aim at demonstrating a printed thermoelectric device suitable for waste-heat conversion to electrical energy thus providing means to answer the core question.

The question is important due to the large global need for harvesting (solar cells and thermoelectric generators) and storing (batteries and supercapacitors) green energy. This fast growing market attract companies from diverse fields. In the LEAP project, industry partners from different position along the value chain, from materials and processes to energy applications, are participating.