The University engages in lifelong learning

Thu 09 Sep 2021 21:15

Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important, both for the individuals but also for organizations and companies if one is to keep up with a society where constant changes are everyday.

 Students in computer room

The Quality Magazine addresses CER's and Mid Sweden University's efforts to develop short, flexible courses for professionals.
— Traditionally, universities and colleges have had the role of educating young people. Further training has been an issue for employers, says project manager Peter Öhman, professor at Mid Sweden University.

CER's and Mid Sweden University's efforts regarding these flexible solutions started in 2019, and the aim is to challenge that way of traditional thinking, Peter Öhman explains:
— The success factor has been that we primarily uses online lectures and pre-recorded lectures to meet our course participants' need for flexible solutions linked to their learning situation.

This autumn, about 20 online courses will be offered in Business Administration and Change Management etc.


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