CER in new collaborative activities

Mon 03 Jan 2022 10:42

As part of the ambition to arrange activities together with our partners, CER and Pro & Pro held a webinar on 26 November on value-creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) from a management perspective.

Bilden visar ett gäng kollegor som samtalar med varandra

Early morning on November 26, about 60 participants were connected online. Daniel Adelander from Pro & Pro gave an introductory lecture on what AI is, how it can be used and the importance of integrating AI into the business in a long-term well-thought-out way. Furthermore, the argument was related to two of the short, flexible, technology-supported course modules that CER has developed within the framework of the so-called The BUFFL project: Artificial and Business Intelligence: Value-creating AI (1.5 credits) and Artificial and Business Intelligence: Change-oriented AI (1.5 credits). The webinar ended with a question and answer session.


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