CER participated in the Real Estate Day in Jämtland

Mon 03 Jan 2022 10:27

More than 200 property owners, traders, municipal representatives and other interested parties gathered at Frösö Park to participate in the Real Estate Day in Jämtland. One of the speakers was CER's centerleader Peter Öhman.

Peter Öhman är på scenen och samtalar med moderatorn vid fastighetsdagen i Ötersund
Peter Öhman during the Real Estate Day in October 2021.

The Real Estate Day is a collaboration between several participants in the real estate market in Jämtland and Härjedalen, including two of the real estate companies in the CER network: Diös and HSB Södra Norrland. This year, the conference had a special focus on sustainable housing and the properties of the future. During his speech - On the (in) possibility of combining different sustainability dimensions in the real estate industry - Peter Öhman presented research from several projects that CER has carried out together with other research units at Mid Sweden University. He gave empirical examples of the difficulties of reconciling economic, ecological, social and cultural sustainability, as well as what this may depend on and what could be done to better reconcile the various dimensions of sustainability. He also emphasized the importance of listening to and learning from others, not least those who think differently.


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