CER starts digital conference with international partners

Thu 17 Feb 2022 14:38

Together with five international partners, the Center for Research on Economic Relations (CER) has initiated "The 1st Economic Transformation and Sustainability International Conference".

Economic Transformation and Sustainability International Conference

The digital conference is inspired by some of the challenges facing the world linked to the Covid pandemic and the first edition of the conference kicks off March 28-30. Mustafa Nourallah and Peter Öhman are responsible for one of the conference's focus areas: "Digital transformation of financial services". Also involved in the conference are CER doctoral students Masoome Abikari and Irina Dimitrova. Other conference organizers are the Modern College of Business & Science in Muscat, Oman and Oxford Educational Research and Training in the UK and three parties from India: Indian Economic Association, Aligarh Muslim University and Amity University.


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