New Anthology on Big Data and Analytics in Accounting and Auditing

Mon 04 Jul 2022 14:58

Jan Svanberg and Peter Öhman are participating in the anthology "Big Data and Analytics in Accounting and Auditing".

Illustrative image of AI, computers, sensors and human

The book is a collaboration between Tarek Rana and Alan Lowe at the prestigious RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. It is published by the well-known publisher Springer this autumn.

The book, which contains 22 chapters, focuses on accounting and auditing issues that academics, practitioners and organizations face when technology and business environments change at a faster pace than ever before. In addition to being editors, the two CER researchers participate as authors of two chapters.

On Friday, June 3, RMIT University also invited Peter Öhman to the semester's last research seminar in the field of accounting to talk about CER's research in auditing. On this occasion, conversations were also held about future research collaborations and doctoral exchanges.


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