Trial lecture for appointment to Associate Professor with Dr.Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei

Tue 05 Dec 2023 16:15

On Thursday,14 December 2023, we invite you to attend a lecture by Associate Professor Soleiman Limaei in the field of industrial organization and economics.

Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei

Soleiman Mohammadi Limaei is an economist with a focus on forest economics and is a staff member at CER.

Date and Time: Thursday,14 December 2023, 13:00–14:00
Location: C306, Åkanten, Sundsvall, or via Zoom:

Title: "Optimal Adaptive Decision Making in Forestry and Forest Industry under Climate Change"
“Forests play a crucial role in contributing to the economy by supplying raw materials to sawmills, paper mills, and combined heat and power systems. Forests have become increasingly important in recent years due to their significant role in climate change mitigation, recreational values, biodiversity, etc. There was less attention given to multipurpose goals in forest management in the past because these goals conflicted with each other, making simultaneous accomplishment appear unattainable. Hence, an optimal adaptive approach to managing forest resources is important in the face of climate change and considering multipurpose goals. In this lecture, examples and case studies will be presented to investigate how to manage forests and forest industries in addressing various objectives to mitigate the impact of climate change.”


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