Calgary's growth journey headlines the Bomorrow Conference this spring

Wed 20 Mar 2024 16:51

The city of Calgary in Canada is growing by 50,000 inhabitants per year based on policies that prioritize sustainable growth.

Dick Ebersohn

Dick Ebersohn, environmental officer of the Canadian municipality, is one of the main speakers at the Bomorrow Conference on April 10-11.

At the City of Calgary,  Climate Mitigation manager Dick Ebersohn has been instrumental in fostering sustainable growth in the region. Ebersohn, known for his commitment to environmental stewardship, has played a crucial role in shaping policies that prioritize sustainability.

Calgary's municipality have embraced a holistic approach to growth, focusing on eco-friendly urban planning, efficient public transportation, and renewable energy initiatives. Ebersohn's leadership has been pivotal in promoting responsible development, ensuring that economic expansion goes hand in hand with environmental conservation.

By implementing green building practices, investing in renewable energy sources, and preserving natural spaces, Calgary has set a commendable example for sustainable urban development. Ebersohn's influence has contributed to a city that not only flourishes economically but also prioritizes the well-being of its residents and the environment.

In conclusion, Dick Ebersohn and the Calgary municipality have successfully demonstrated that sustainable growth of 50 000 inhabitants per year is achievable through visionary leadership and a commitment to balancing progress with environmental responsibility.

More about Bomorrow Conference

Bomorrow is a annual event to learn more about and discuss the future for Sustainable Construction together with the public sector, the real estate industry and Mid Sweden University.


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