Successfully defended licentiate thesis

Mon 25 Mar 2024 10:05

On Friday, March 22, Masoome Abikari successfully defended her licentiate thesis titled "Young consumers’ emotions towards emerging e-banking technology: A multi-perspective approach." The work delves into the emotions of young bank customers regarding the use of digital banking services.

Masoome Abikari sin licentiatuppsats
Malin Holmström Rising, Martijn Pieter van der Steen, Masoome Abikari, Koustuv Dalal, and Peter Öhman during Friday's licentiate seminar.

Around 15 attendees were present in Sundsvall, with approximately the same number connected via link. The faculty opponent was Associate Professor Rana Mostaghel from Stockholm University.

The grading committee comprised Martijn Pieter van der Steen, Associate Professor at the University of Groningen, Netherlands; Koustuv Dalal, Professor; Associate Professor Malin Holmström Rising; and Associate Professor Peter Degerman, all affiliated with Mid Sweden University.

The main supervisor was Professor Peter Öhman, and the assistant supervisor was Professor Darush Yazdanfar, both from CER. Masoome Abikari will now continue her doctoral studies by planning and conducting two additional studies within her area of focus. She will remain actively involved with CER.

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