Conferences and seminars

Save favourite 17 Jul July 2019

As a way of connecting with the industry and spreading the word about our research and field of operations, we regularly host conferences and seminars.

The conference ‘Åre Risk Event’ gathers researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians and representatives of public and voluntary organizations to exchange knowledge about the risk and crisis management in our society. The programme consists of lectures and paper sessions, mixed with workshops and exchange of experiences in smaller groups. Of the more than 150 participants two thirds are from non-academic organizations.

Keynote speakers have also mirrored the mix of participants. We have welcomed prominent guest speakers from Swedish and international universities as well as organizations like the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), Doctors without borders, the Swedish Parliament and many more. 

RCR are often visited by guest researchers. On those occasions we arrange public lectures and seminars.