These are the PowerPoint presentations shown at Åre Risk Event 2016.

Keynote speakers

"Resilient Recovery: toward improving the circumstances of socially vulnerable populations" – Professor Brenda Phillips, Ohio University, U.S.

"Organizing Community Resilience" – Dr Chris Zebrowski, Loughbourough University, UK.

Swedish "Resiliens i en förändrad omvärld" – Lena Hallin, Brigadgeneral försvarsmakten

Swedish "Vem leder i krisen? Om utvecklingen efter flodvågskatastrofen" – Per de la Gardie, SAAB, tidigare Försvarsdepartementet, Försvarsberedningen och Statsrådsberedningen.

Projekt- och forskningspresentationer

Swedish: Climate and insurance

"Reduced climate risks in future building and dwellings: A research project" – Mikael Granberg et al, Centre for Climate and Safety (CCS), Karlstad University, Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS), Uppsala University, Karlstad University and Swedish Defence University

"Resiliens, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: A critical reflection" – Mikael Granberg & Lars Nyberg, Centre for Climate and Safety (CCS), Karlstad University, Centre for Natural Disaster Science (CNDS), Uppsala University, Karlstad University and Swedish Defence University

"Narratives of climate risks in relation to housing" – Karin Jarnkvist, Forum for Gender Studies (FGV), Department of Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University och "Homeowners attitudes and behaviour related to climate change adaptation and insurance" – Lina Bellman, Centre for research on Economic Relations (CER), Department of Business, Economics and Law, Mid Sweden University (gemensam presentation)

Swedish: Local Resilience 

"The unrecognized crisis management" – Olof Oscarsson, Risk and Crisis Research Centre, (RCR) Department of Social Sciences, Mid Sweden University

"Joining the conversation and harnessing the power of smart mobile communication devices and social media" – Stephanie Young, Crismart, Swedish Defence University

Critical continuities 

"Can you produce food during a crisis? Farmer’s views on vulnerabilities and resilience in Swedish food production" – Camilla Eriksson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

"Simulation-based evaluation of traffic management strategies at SOS Alarm" – Klas Gustavsson, Risk and Crisis Research Centre, Department of Information and Communication Systems, Mid Sweden University

Swedish: Methodology and Crisis Management 

"The Swedish forest fire in 2014 – Common features in 26 different reports and methodological issues in reviewing them" – Anna Johansson, The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

"DARWIN – Expecting the unexpected and know how to respond – selected literature review results" – Björn Nevhage & Rogier Woltjer, FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency 

"Crisis prevention and management in the face of climate change" – Emelie Danielsson, Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University

The Future of Tourism: Seeking Resilience in Troubled Times

"Exploring the Tourism-Refugee Nexus: European Destinations at Risk" – Michael Röslmaier & Dimitri Ioannides, ETOUR and Department of Tourism Studies and Geography, Mid Sweden University