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Åre Risk Event 2019

Save favourite 1 Mar March 2019

Welcome to the Åre Risk Event, March 26-28, 2019, at the Holiday Club in Åre, Sweden.

This year’s conference theme is

Risk Assessment and Crisis Preparedness 2025

Recent discourse in Sweden has focused on a hitherto undiscussed, and therefore new for this context, set of risks and crises. These are global events that translate into local crises. In Sweden, these are exemplified by the large forest fires that have recently plagued the country to an unprecedent degree. These are often tied to climate change. What is more, large flows of migrants that affect local communities in Sweden are the consequences of war and social unrest in countries abroad. An additional threat that is increasingly becoming prevalent is tied to technological advances and digitization. It concerns foreign intervention in national elections, or more generally, the spread of false narratives.

These issues pose new challenges to societal crisis preparedness. These challenges concern areas such as the relationship between global processes and local effects and the local communities as a resource for sustainability, preparedness, and crisis management.

Åre Risk Event aims at gathering researchers, practitioners, and delegates of private, public, and volunteer organizations for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. 

The conference is organized by the Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) at Mid Sweden university.


Register for Åre Risk Event

Registration is open December 17 - March 8. Reduced conference fee "Early bird" up until January 27.

Keynote Speakers


Katarina Lindblad Gidlund, Professor of Informatics, Mid Sweden University

Johan Szymanski och Peter Bäcke, chief/dep. chief, Mora Fire Department

Aistė Balžekienė, Associate Professor of Sociology, Kaunas University of Technology

Anja Fjellgren Walkeapää, chair of the Sami Parliament Youth Council

Lina Ringberg, Coordinator of Disaster Risk Reduction, City of Malmö