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Conference programme, Åre Risk Event 2019.

Due to the lack of abstracts from foreign researchers, most of Åre Risk Event 2019 will be held in Swedish. Content in English is marked in bold font.

Tuesday 26 March

13.00   Opening – Erna Danielsson, director of RCR, och Jerker Bexelius, head of Gaaltije

13.30   Practical information – Jörgen Sparf, moderator

13.40   Keynote on digitalisation: "Digitalisera 1700-talsindustrialismen eller nutidens utmaningar?" – Katarina Lindblad Gidlund

14.25   Coffee break

15.00   Research presentations

  • Session 1: Local resilience
    Local resilience against radicalization and violent extremism
    Veronica Strandh
    Mitigating impacts of climate change in a Swedish local context – the community resilience challenge
    Tove Bodland & Mikael Granberg

  • Session 2: Critical infrastructure
    Exploring collective critical infrastructure resilience for payment disruptions
    Joeri van Laere
    The role of regional airports as critical infrastructure
    Christine Große

16.00   Keynote on forest fires: "Skogsbranden på Älvdalens skjutfält, Trängslet" – Johan Szymanski och Peter Bäcke

17.00   End of day 1

19.00   Dinner

Wednesday 27 March

   8.30   Keynote: "Climate change risk perception across nations: is a decade enough to be prepared" – Aistė Balžekienė IN ENGLISH

   9.15   Keynote on sami risk perspectives: "Framtiden i och för Sapmi" – Anja Fjellgren Walkeapää

10.00   Coffee break

10.30   Practice presentations

  • Session 3: Simulation and Innovation
    Risk inventory instruments, risk profile
    Björn Guström
    Safety & Security Test Arena – a triple helix platform for innovation in the field of emergency preparedness and incident management
    Svenja Stöven
    Kan man locka håret med en borrmaskin? Om nyttan med ändamålsenliga innovationsmiljöer för ett tryggare samhälle
    Tanja Ståhle
    Virtual simulation in courses and exercises
    Cecilia Hammar Wijkmark

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Research presentations

  • Session 4: Local preparedness
    Perspectives on Swedish household crisis preparedness: a research overview
    Linda Kvarnlöf
    Entrepreneurial Bureaucrats: A Social Network Analysis of Lomma and Staffanstorp Municipalities, Sweden
    Evangelia Petridou
    Prepared for health?
    Erika Wall
  • Session 5: Theoretical and conceptual development IN ENGLISH
    Emergence and Volunteerism in Disaster Response Operations
    Roine Johansson
    Conceptualizing community in disaster risk management
    Aleksi Räsänen
    Worry, News Media and Terrorist Activity: The Swedish Case
    Saman Rashid & Anna Olofsson

14.20   Keynote on prevention, preparedness and crisis management in a municipality : "Krisberedskap: ett kommunalt perspektiv" – Lina Ringberg

15.05   Coffee Break

15.35   Practice presentations

  • Session 6: Work methods and Risk Assessment
    KARSA – klimatanpassning och risk- och sårbarhetsarbete i Jämtlands län
    Jenna Norman & Lina Wold
    Beyond the Static InfoRisk Assessment
    Per Strömsjö
    När 700 miljoner tittar får inget gå fel – risk och kontinuitetshantering vid alpina VM i Åre 2019 och lärdomar för ett eventuellt OS 2026.
    Emelie Olsson
    Studieförbundens roll för att öka kunskapen om hemberedskap och stärka lokala gemenskaper
    Herman Geijer

17.05   End of day 2

18.05   Gathering in the Holiday Club lobby for departure to the dinner restaurant (Be on time!)

18.45   Dinner at Fjällgården restaurant

Thursday 28 March

   8.30   Research presentations

  • Session 7: Evaluation and methodology
    Creating a Health Care Leanness Score using fuzzy Data Envelopment. Analysis with an α-cut approach
    Annika Hasselblad
    Methodology for investigating crises – Analysis of methodological approaches accounted in reports and interviews with investigators
    Anna Johansson
    Crisis Prevention and Management in the Face of Climate Change A Systems Analysis of Forestry Related Risks, Hazards and Swedish Societal Resilience
    Emelie Danielsson
  • Session 8: Connections between contexts, groups and organisations
    Mixed blessing
    Kerstin Eriksson & Erna Danielsson
    Enhancing Capacity in Disaster Risk Reduction: A Scoping Study of University-Industry Partnerships in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bangladesh
    Evangelia Petridou
    Intersectional risk theory
    Anna Olofsson & Susanna Öhman
  • The research project CRAAAFFFTING (Creating Collaborative Resilience Awareness, Analysis and Action for Finance, Food and Fuel Systems in Interactive Games) demos their game environment for studiying the society's resilience during longer breaks in our payment systems.

10.00   RCR Lab – a unique simulation environment for research, education and innovation. 

10.20   Coffee break

10.50   Panel: Evidence based and risk informed policy making in Europe post Brexit: What may happen next? – Maren von Fritschen, Mikael Karlsson, Evangelia Petridou. Chair: Ragnar Löfstedt IN ENGLISH

12.00   Closing – Erna Danielsson, director of RCR, och Per Sundström, director of research at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

12.20   Lunch

13.30   The transfer bus departs from Hotel Holiday Club