The research at RCR focuses on risk, crisis and/or sustainability from a societal perspective, in contrast to a psychological or technical perspective. Many of the research projects are interdisciplinary and collaborative. Learn about our research areas and projects.

Ongoing Research Projects at STC

Housing, integration, and labor

A comparison of Sweden's larger cities shows that, in segregated housing areas, income levels are lower and health risks for the residents are higher. Where you live also proves to be of great...

Hybrid Emergency Operation Center

Covid-19 has forced Swedish emergency responders to work remotely using the Internet. But how should this work be conducted if the Internet or electricity is disrupted?

Management through networks

This project studies the so-called River groups. The focus is on how collaboration between private and public actors functions as a tool for risk and crisis management. They also study network...

Putting out Fires: A Multiple Streams Analysis

What happens after we put out the (forest) fire? Are we prepared for the next one? This project will investigate whether and how crisis preparedness and management, as a policy sector at the local...

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