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MidRisk aims to contribute to the Risk and Crisis Management field through knowledge and education, and subsequently organizes a variety of interaction arenas through workshops, yearly symposium on various topics, as well as virtual meeting places - all to increase collaboration between the businesses, organizations and researchers.

The project MidRisk operated within the framework of RCR at Mid Sweden University. The overall objective of the project is to increase Mid Sweden's growth and development by making MidRisk a national leader and internationally recognized risk and crisis centre. The project is managed on a scientific basis, developing through the feedback of experience, knowledge generation and learning, in collaboration with governments and companies in the region. 

MidRisk is directly linked to the cluster  ”Safety and Rescue region” (SRR), which consists of some 50 businesses, organizations and authorities in Västernorrland and Jämtland working on issues relating to risk and crisis management as well as safety and rescue. The project's target group is regional companies in risk and crisis management, firms with risky activities, firms in the SRR-cluster, and agencies such as the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, county boards, county councils and municipalities in the region, the correctional system, the police, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Ambulance Academy, and researchers nationally and internationally.

Aims of MidRisk:

  • support and further develop the SRR-cluster as a strategic network by providing research, knowledge, development and learning as interaction between students and regional organizations
  • co-produce research relevant to companies and authorities
  • in collaboration with industry and government, develop new services and products
  • create more collaborative arenas in which entrepreneurs, researchers and government representatives meet, not only regionally but also nationally and internationally.

The overall objective is to increase Mid Sweden's attractiveness to national establishments in the risk and crisis sector, which will be achieved by raising the level of knowledge based on research and service development in collaboration between Mid Sweden University and industry.

The specific objectives of this project is to:

  • raise awareness within companies in the SRR-cluster through interaction and knowledge transfer
  • develop and operate SRR-cluster in a stable, self-sustaining "critical mass" in risk and crisis management
  • through collaboration with MIUN Innovation and the Innovation Alliance, develop innovation in risk and crisis management based on Open Innovation between the University and regional businesses
  • strengthen research in risk and crisis management in collaboration with other actors in the region
  • be a resource for the growth of industry and government in the region
  • have developed an interaction between different groups at the Mid Sweden University and organizations in the region
  • address the region's need for skilled personnel
  • create a Norrland network of businesses, government and academia in the area where the Mid Sweden University, Umeå University and Luleå University are three complementary nodes
  • be a leading centre, nationally and internationally, in selected areas of risk and crisis research.

The project comprises five subprojects in the two growth areas: Research and Collaboration. All sub-projects are based on enhanced cooperation with private and public sectors.

Research is conducted within the framework of two projects: the Open Innovation, which aims to increase the share of co-produced research with private and public sectors, and Excellence Research. The latter is a necessary effort to reach a national leadership position and become internationally recognized.

In the case of collaboration, three operations are planned to be implemented:

  1. Subproject MRR aims to develop a model to recruit qualified staff to regional companies, a model that can be commercialized and sold to other regions / sectors.
  2. Subproject Collaborative Education aims both to develop education and provide training in the field among businesses.
  3. The third subproject, Collaboration Arenas, focuses on the creation of more arenas for the dissemination of knowledge and experience.

An important resource for MidRisk is  RCR research team at Mid Sweden University. The group is today a research leader in Sweden specifically in the case of how different groups deal with risk and what organizational cooperation in crises looks like.  The team has an extensive national and international network MidRisk can be a part of.

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Practical information

Project dates
January 2010–December 2012

Associate Professor Susanna Öhman (Project Manager), Sociology
Dr. Erik Borglund, Computer and Information Science
Dr. Ingela Bäckström, Quality Technology
Associate Professor Erna Danielsson, Sociology
Ph.D. candidate Sara Ekholm, Sociology
Professor Roine Johansson, Sociology
Ph.D. candidate Linda Kvarnlöf, Sociology
Dr. Aaron Larson, Computer and Information Science
Ph.D. candidate Mikael Linnell, Sociology
Ph.D. candidate Elin Montelius, Sociology
Anna Mårtensson, Quality Technology
Dr. Jon Nyhlén, Political Science
Dr. Pär Olausson, Political Science
Professor Anna Olofsson, Sociology
Ph.D. candidate Jörgen Sparf, Sociology
Associate Professor Susanne Strand, Criminology
Dr. Magnus Tilja Svensson, Quality Technology
Professor Håkan Wiklund, Quality Technology

Administrator: Larsåke Lindstrom
Project assistant: Karthika Boklund
Intermediate: Per Simonsson

External research funding
SEK 10 million

Mid Sweden University
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
Jämtland County
The Regional Fund, EU Structural Funds