Perceiving and Making Sense of Risk in European Societies – A Comparative Study of Sweden and Wales

The project aims to study differences in risk perception and risk understanding based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and age in Sweden and Wales, specifically whether any differences can be explained by the underlying psychological and social factors. 

The project will also study the impact of these differences in risk perception and risk understanding has on the individual's sense of security and wellbeing. The choice of Sweden and Wales is based in part on that countries differ in terms of economic and social conditions, but also have enough in common to be compared.

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Practical information

Project dates
October 2007–December 2011 

Prof. Leo B. Hendry, University of Glamorgan
Prof. Marion Kloep, University of Glamorgan
Ph.D. candidate  Elin Montelius 
Associate Professor Anna Olofsson
Dr. Saman Rashid
Ph.D. candidate Jörgen Sparf 
Dr. Susanna Öhman

External research funding
SEK 750,000 per year

Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet)