The individual's motivation to prevent accidents and emergencies

The project aims to examine the individual incentives to prevent accidents and crises. Motivation, social and spatial dimensions of the individual's risk of understanding will be studied.

Empirically, the project will be based on both focus group interviews as well as in-depth interviews. The study is limited to young adults (18–30 years) in Sweden (Östersund) and Norway (Trondheim). The results may ultimately contribute to the reduction of accidents in the home and that individuals become better at preventing accidents and emergencies in connection with the storm.

The study is being conducted under two institutions: Risk and Crisis Research Centre, Mid Sweden University and Risk Psychology, Environment and Safety at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim where Erika is apart of both research environments.

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Practical information

November 2010–November 2012

Dr. Erika Wall

Authority for Civil Contingencies